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Super Monitor Hardwire Instructions

(This is provided you have the plug/harness and/or another way of connecting the wires in the back of the super monitor computer.)

Plug Diagrams are Located Below the Table
Ecu wiring pinouts courtesy of
I believe the 2nd Ecu pinout is for 89, i currently do not have one for 90-92.

Super Monitor Plug
Corresponding Plugs
Pin 3
ECT Pin 5
Pin 4
ACC - Cigarette Lighter
Pin 5
7.5a IGN Fuse Kickpanel (plug 1G Pin 9 wire colour B/BR)
Pin 6
ECT Pin 13
Pin 7
RADIO B+ (wire colour L/Y)
Pin 8
Pin 9
ABS Pin 5
Pin 10
M1 Engine Harness (black wire) Tacho Wire (This has been found in diff plugs around the ecu area, do coninuity check from suspected wire to IG at check connector to verify correct wire.)
Pin 12
Cruise Control Pin 3
Pin 13
Pin 14
Pin 15
J/B #1 Bottom Bolt/Ground
Pin 17
Pin 18
15A Tail Fuse Kickpanel (Plug 1F Pin 6 Wire colour G)
Pin 19


Pin 20
15A ECU IG Fuse Kickpanel (Plug 1G Pin 20 wire colour LG/B)

All plugs are with the wires facing away from you

Super Monitor PlugSuper Monitor Plug

This Harness should be with your supermonitor as a cut harness or In the car already.

LHD Bottom Right corner kickpanel
RHD Bottom Left corner kickpanel



Beside Engine ECU Above Glovebox



Normally around main engine harness plugs. This connector i have found is rather mysterious, most supras M1 connector seems to be different amounts of pins and shapes. Just do a continuity check from suspected tacho wire to IG in the check connector in engine bay


Cruise ControlCruise Control

Inside up under dash close to steering column


86-88 ECU Terminal Pinout86-88 ECU Terminal Pinout


89 ECU89 ECU

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