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 How to disassemble your Supra Electric Seat to repair the Rear Tilt Up/Down


Undo screws in side of seat (where the recline lever is)

(If yours is manual) Get small screwdriver & pop out the clip that holds the manual winder in, pull off winder,

Plastic winderPlastic winder


Pull up the recline lever and yank the crap out of it to get it off

Recline LeverRecline Lever


Give the switch a little pull and it'll unclip from the switches underneath

Undo 2 10mm bolts on front side of seat on the seat tracks both sidesWiring to switchesWiring to switches


Undo 12mm nut on motor to release that side of shaft (use vice grips to hold the shaft while you undo these nuts)

Front motor viewFront motor view


Undo 12mm nut on other end of shaft

12mm nut & rubber bush with my uber awesome cable ties12mm nut & rubber bush with my uber awesome cable ties


Pray your rubber bush just falls off, i had to hammer mine off, it was there goooooood lol

Rubber bush removal - don't lose itRubber bush removal - don't lose it


Undo the 2 small phillips screws in the little white plate which holds the shaft steady & also acts as the stopper

Removing stopper plateRemoving stopper plate


Undo 10mm bolt on front of seat just below motor

Shaft removal from motorShaft removal from motor


Undo 2 phillips screws holding the motor in place on bottom of seat, your motor should be movable now

Removing screws that hold the motor secureRemoving screws that hold the motor secure

Being your original bush is broken you shouldn't have any problems then pulling the shaft out of the motor, you will need to lever

against the seat track against the motor plate (where you took the 2 10mm bolts out of) to get the shaft out.

This section is on a uni joint so just lever it around until you have it most of the way out of the motor

Hopefully your metal bushes aren't deformed.


Get new/2nd hand bush, put in place


Put shaft through holes where your motor would normally be


Thread shaft into new bush as far as it will go


Lever against plate again


Put motor in place and screw up screws


Now place the shaft back into the motor meanwhile while still levering the plate if necessary


Gently insert the shaft


Jiggle all about till it all slots back in nicely, I ended up undoing the 12mm bolts on the front and rear side of the seat to allow the


bottom cushion to move so I could get the shaft back into the motor with the new bush in place.


Apply battery voltage to connector (two pin plug - reversing polarity will move seat in opposite direction


I had a flatish battery available so that the movement on the seat wouldn't be as fast as usual in case there was any binding.


Just flick the switch quickly in one direction to see what way it will go, you need it to wind out slightly so you can get the 12mm nut back on the other end (motor side)


Do not do the 12mm nuts up uber tight, they just need to be nipped up (loctite if you're worried they'll rattle loose xD)
(don't forget your washer on the motor side & the rubber bush to go back on the end of the new bush side)


Nip up nuts


Screw the little white plate back in place


Test drive the motor

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