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How to set your ignition / cps timing on a 7mgte


This is aimed at those that are just checking their ign timing, those that need to remove/insert their cps need to make sure the engine is at 0/TDC and the cam pulley marks are lined up at 12 o clock on the back timing plate.

Make sure your vehicle is warm/not on cold start before messing with ignition timing.


Align your cps to the marks (notch in gear and hole in upper gear) as seen in this pic

Notch in CPSNotch in CPS

Slide in the cps matching the center of the bolt slot with the head, carefully insert it and nip it up.
Lining it up center of the cps slot with the hole in the head will ensure that the timing will be about 5ish degrees off so you shouldn't have a problem starting the car.



You will need a timing light like this one pictured

Timing LightTiming Light


Connect the HT lead connector to #1 lead on your engine or #6 (the 7MGTE is wasted spark which means #1 & #6 both fire at the same time)
Connect the cables to your battery and ensure you have firm connections.
(Excuse my stupid long leads and atrocious looking engine bay xD)


Grab a piece of wire or a paper clip so you can jumper two terminals in the diagnostic box. 
Jumper wire for diagnostic boxJumper wire for diagnostic box

This diagnostic box is generally located beside the igniter pack, fuse box and injector resistor area, with the wire place one end in "T" and the other end in "E1" as shown below
Jumper wire insertedJumper wire inserted


Next get a 12mm spanner and loosen the bolt shown above so that the Cam Position Sensor is able to be moved

Cam Sensor BoltCam Sensor Bolt


Once you have put twink on the notch on the crank pulley start your supra then pick up the timing light and shine it on the crank pulley, the timing light should show the twinked notch on the crank being on 10° BTDC

Shining Timing light exampleShining Timing light example


now this is a really bad pic but you get the idea, if the light on the crank pulley isn't on 10° BTDC adjust the cam position sensor accordingly till it is... once finished, tighten up the cam position sensor, check with the timing light it is still on 10° BTDC if so switch her off and remove the timing light.
Twinked crank pulley notchTwinked crank pulley notch

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