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Using 5 pin relays would make this diagram a bit less complicated but I can only source 50A relays in 4 pin configuration so I'm working with what I can source locally.


The high speed relays are powered directly via battery voltage while low speed are routed through the stock ford resistor located on the fan shroud.

I'm using a BMW dual normally open thermo switch and went to a junkyard and picked the plug off an old beema.

Dual Thermo Fan SwitchDual Thermo Fan Switch

 The plug has terminals numbered 3 - 1 - 2

3 = High Temp, 1 = Common, 2 = Low Temp

This particular switch both low and high if at suitable temps will have continuity to common at the same time
Inside the thermo fan switch is the numbering of T1, T2 and O.

T1 = Low temp, T2 = High temp and O is common. In my diagram I am grounding the common terminal.

Ford Mondeo Dual Fan WiringFord Mondeo Dual Fan Wiring

Just to clarify, the stock ford resistor is not 2ohm, that is just a placeholder resistor to identify as the resistor.

I will be feeding both 12v sources to the fan with 50amp capable wiring & fuses

Bottom left relay & upper center switch is just an ignition switch source so that my fans don't run while the car is off.
Lower right switches are 1 - Low Temp, 2 - High Temp both from the bmw dual fan switch and 3 - A/C High Pressure Switch
The A/C High pressure switch signal wire I will be using is from either one of the relay plugs located beside the engine bay fuse box. It is Blue with a white stripe so that the A/C can turn on high speed fans or the high temp switch of the dual thermo fan switch. It is a bit of a safety net too as you have multiple temp sensors in case you have one fail.

I will be adding a separate relay for the ac trigger side later so that if my bmw sensor fails my fans will still turn on being that if this sensor fails and low temp does not ground out, high temp will not turn on either.  We don't need to tempt the HG :P


If you have any further questions feel free to hit me up on facebook

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