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My very first time ever drag racing.. no burnout hehe
17.2 @ 96kph (with a bhg i didn't realise at the time)

Fixed the bhg and added an intake and i'm back to the strip with 7.98:1cr

Allowed to race topless!!! :D

More funsies was had!

Racing Croydons Supra... sif i had a chance lol

Me racing a Subaru WRX

I Almost had that him, pity I blew off intercooler piping

Woohooo I Win :D

MK3 vs MK3 - JZA70 VS MA70

Blowing my Diff at Meremere

Quick Vid of my Supra trying do it's best impression of a rotor xD (bhg)

Battle Day at Meremere

Vid of my car undergoing reconstruction :)

A new vid of my car a little more together ;)

Most of my car together finally

First startup of the build and running a beaut, I've done a few thousand kms on it now :D

This is just the initial website and the rest will be following very soon! Have no fear, your manuals will be here! (har har, did you see what I did there)

(ok ok I'll stop) xD


The MK3 1JZ JZA70 Electrical Diagrams have been reuploaded, please check under tech links for the link to the manual


The rest will be uploaded in time xD