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Mods currently on SUPRRA

Re-assembly after paintRe-assembly after paint Engine is so shiny!Engine is so shiny!

1987 MA70 7MGTE 3.0 GT Turbo Widebody Aerotop


Stock tems and Tein S-tech springs
Ronnie K Poly Bushings

Body Mods:

USDM Rear Sidemarkers & Trim
USDM Side View Mirrors
USDM Front Sidemarkers
89+ Tail Lamps
Clear Turn Signal Lamps (front)
Vis Racing Carbon Fibre Hatch


Repainted vinyl all to black (VHT vinyl & carpet spray = the awesome)
Recovered inserts for interior with yellow vinyl
Black carpet
Wooly black car seat covers (hiding that whorehouse red xD)
USDM supermonitor install

Engine Mods/Electrical Mods:

Garrett T04B H trim turbo /w Turbonetics front housing
SS Autochrome Exhaust Manifold (tbh I don't recommend these unless you get xrayed & cleaned up by prof welder)
HKS copy external wastegate 
Custom 3" turbo back exhaust system 
Custom fabbed 1jz intake manifold, custom runners to 7m flange
Custom manifold adapter plate to throttle body plate
1UZ Throttle Body
V6 Toyota Windom Throttle Cable
2.5" Custom IC Hardpipes
550x300x75 Custom made intercooler
Rebuilt Engine (stock parts) 20' over pistons 
HKS 4mm Bead Head Gasket
Arp Head studs
Permacool oil relocation kit
Mitsi Pajero oil cooler
1jz power steering cooler
Oil catch can with braided hose
Aeromotive FPR
Custom fuel lines & fittings kit
Aeromotive 11141 fuel pump (340lph)
RX7 high impedance 550cc injectors
Stock ECU w/ HKS Fcon & 550cc chip
Zeitronix ZT2 Wideband 02 kit

Running terribly rich at WOT I got 254rwkw/340rwhp on 1 bar/14.7psi boost :) 

Can't wait to fit a shiny aftermarket ecu to it :D

Guide for setting ignition timing on 7MGTE added

Club meet pics added

Supra links added

How to guide for rear tilt up/down electric seat repair.

 1GGE Service Specifications reuploaded

 1GEU-1GGTE Pinouts reuploaded

 1GGTE Engine specifications added

 1GGTE Diagnostic OBD Codes added

 2-114 through to 2-118 Air Conditioning for the jza70 tewd is now UP!!

Electrical wiring for custom Ford Mondeo dual fans is up!