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Short.. or perhaps long history of my car's life in the beginning with me xD

If you find this wall of text a bit challenging you could always just skip to the pictures gallery of build pics here

I also leave this here as a reminder to myself when I read it years later and ask myself WTF xD

I am forever learning and have found new, better and more efficient ways to do some of these things heh.

Well this is gonna be a long one lol, i'll try and make it sorta short :P

I bought the car for NZD $1600, not going and they weren't sure why...

Towed it back to the workshop and started ripping it apart

BHG BluesBHG Blues






The wiring loom didn't look healthy for a start and I didn't have a fire extinguisher handy lol
I swapped it for another one i had, once I done that (i'm never looming another 7m again lol) we thought we'd check out the timing belt see if it needed a change, yup definitely so....

I went and bought all new belts and had them aside :)
while looking at the timing we noticed that the great big bolt that holds onto the left cam pulley was kinda missing :o
Which was extremely scary!

We corrected that and put her all back together but she still wouldn't fire...
so i check out the Cam Position Sensor timing and the sensor was out 90° ahhh so we set that, woohooo give it some petrol and she fires

Yahooo i was so happy, didn't have to spend much to get her going, but i did have to comment on the intelligence of the last owners mechanics lol apparently they spent months trying to figure out what was wrong with it.

So that was awesome, i ran it in for a week or so then took it to shore performance for a dyno
I got 117rwkw and 440nm of torque on 5.9psi boost
I was still pretty happy but for the first time i noticed the temperature went up, once i took it for a drive it came back down again and i thought nothiing further of it

Now 6psi was killing me YOU CALL THAT BOOST TOYOTA?
I invested $85 in a bleed tap for the wastegate

Boost Tap - Cheap boost yo!Boost Tap - Cheap boost yo!






I lived in a quiet unbuilt subdivision so it was perfect for testing the tap :D
I started at the bottom of the road, jumped out, upped the bonnet, turned the tap, down the bonnet, jumped back in the car and went zooming up the road (we had construction workers there and i tell ya they looked at me real strange lol)
i'd come back down and do the same again, i did this i think 3 times, on the 4th time i went zooming up the road and then my car seemed to hesitate then helloooo 4 cylinders :( i lumpy idled back down the road and parked in front of my house, i went in and asked my ex to come have a look, i said to him "my cars idling funny," his intelligent response, "oh its probly just not used to the boost," my reply "no, its really idling funny."
so.... my ex came outside and we saw smoke pouring out my exhaust... "oh damn" he said, you've just blown your turbo seals... he went to the back of the car and had a sniff "oh, um, no you haven't you've just blown your head gasket!"
Damned, ok get it towed back to work and rip it apart again

So i pulled it all apart removed everything and pulled the head, sent the head down to CHRS to get plained and cleaned up after i blew the oil and water galleries

It was actually funny when i pulled the sump plug off... when i first did it i wondered when the oil would start coming out, it was all water for about 30 seconds lol

I inspected the factory head gasket and found that it would appear the last owners mechanic's intelligent mechanical ability had put the gasket on the head then placed the head on the block.... there were screwdriver marks all over the head gasket... terrible

Well it was time to go and get a head gasket :D i decided to go for a head gasket that had been made by a friend... it would be a 3mm compressed head gasket made of carbon fibre and steel layers

Then it was time to pick up the head, I sent me mum down to go and get it and it hadn't even been touched :o
Turned out that they couldn't do it coz from one corner to the opposite corner my head was warped :(
It had a blown head gasket before and seriously overheated
So i now had to find a head... turns out the person i got the gasket from had a fully recoed and ported exhaust side head for me woohooo, cost me $400 for the head and $100 for the gasket

So i got them together and started putting my car back together, started it and oil leaks and water leaks and exhaust leaks galore :(

We fixed the fluid leaks but the exhaust leak and this damn annoying rattle like a washer loose on a bolt, all i could hear was those two things, i spent two days trying to find those stupid things lol

I had a friend Ray come and have a look and talk about gut me, took him 5 minutes to find them lol, On the back of the head is the egr plate i missed which wasn't bolted down, I would figure the engine reconditioners would have made sure of things like that lol

So with those fixed i was back on the road again :D

I was told by John to run it in for 1000kms, what he didn't expect is for me to do it in 2 days lol

So on the dyno I went :D 151rwkw and 980nm of torque.... huge difference :D

Then came the paint job bright daytona yellow woohooo, I still gotta do the engine bay tho, but i'm going to pull the engine and detail and deloom the engine properly :)

Once i got it painted I got SAS North Shore to compress my springs for me as the lowest guaranteed drop i could get was 30mm, i rang places and they said "yep" we have a listing but no height measurements, so i could buy the springs and they could drop it on the ground so it's undriveable or they might not do a thing so a big waste of money. (update 5 years later; get tein super streets, they're amazeballs).

I still had overheating problems though, if i drove like nana it's fine, if i boost the temp goes up grrrr

i did everything, and it still didn't fix it, i was told that timing could be a cause so i stopped at a friends workshop and put the timing on stock and the temp thing went for about two days but then it started again :(

So i replaced the water pump with another one I had and the coupling out of the fan and yahooo it dissapeared....
for about 3 months but then it just started again... the only thing it could be is the water pump so i decided brand new one this time.

So the only new addition to my car at this point is the 3" exhaust and big phat muffler from Evolution Motorsports and that's my trials and tribulations of my supra for now as at 24th January 2004.

As you venture around my site you'll see the other things that happened to my supra and what it is as of today (2013), and since I did the hks gasket and got North Shore Engine Reconditioners to reco my engine parts I have blown a head gasket since <3

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