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Welcome to suprra_girl's site!


Mainly this site consists of pictures of my car, mods I've done to it in the past, some basic guides and diagrams for things like fcd (fuel cut defender) installs & supermonitor.

You'll find here the electrical wiring diagrams for the JZA70 & GA70 for 1990+ which are currently undergoing translations. They do get translated when I have time xD


I hope you enjoy perving at my car and checking out the information I have available here.


I've been naughty and not updating the website too frequently but I have been posting on my facebook page. Check it out! 

Suprra_Girl's FacebookSuprra_Girl's Facebook

Guide for setting ignition timing on 7MGTE added

Club meet pics added

Supra links added

How to guide for rear tilt up/down electric seat repair.

 1GGE Service Specifications reuploaded

 1GEU-1GGTE Pinouts reuploaded

 1GGTE Engine specifications added

 1GGTE Diagnostic OBD Codes added

 2-114 through to 2-118 Air Conditioning for the jza70 tewd is now UP!!

Electrical wiring for custom Ford Mondeo dual fans is up!