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Welcome to suprra_girl's site!


Mainly this site consists of pictures of my car, mods I've done to it in the past, some basic guides and diagrams for things like fcd (fuel cut defender) installs & supermonitor.

You'll find here the electrical wiring diagrams for the JZA70 & GA70 for 1990+ which are currently undergoing translations. They do get translated when I have time xD


I hope you enjoy perving at my car and checking out the information I have available here.


I've been naughty and not updating the website too frequently but I have been posting on my facebook page. Check it out! 

Suprra_Girl's FacebookSuprra_Girl's Facebook

Viewing any of my documents or images does not require an account of any kind, be aware of other sites using my information and forcing account creations to view.


Guide for setting ignition timing on 7MGTE added

Club meet pics added

Supra links added

How to guide for rear tilt up/down electric seat repair.

 1GGE Service Specifications reuploaded

 1GEU-1GGTE Pinouts reuploaded

 1GGTE Engine specifications added

 1GGTE Diagnostic OBD Codes added

 2-114 through to 2-118 Air Conditioning for the jza70 tewd is now UP!!

Electrical wiring for custom Ford Mondeo dual fans is up!